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Andy MacVannan and Ian Litster take a stroll round the Scottish Border town of Peebles. Along the way they will delve deeper into the town's more unusual history and chat with many of it's local inhabitants...

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PART 1 - FIRE AT TWEEDSIDE MILL On 6th February (1965) Thorburn’s Tweedside Mill suffered a crushing blow when it was ravaged by fire

*Published on 3rd April 2016

Focusing one a mysterious stone lying under the arches of Peebles Tweedside Bridge and the now defunct shops of Nancy Drummond's Henry Liney’s .

* Published 17th April 2016


Andy and Ian take a journey further into Peebles Old Town. This issue focuses on the role of the Co-Op as well as the old family run business Castle Warehouse. They will also look at one of the town's old well's and Johnny Fraser's Bakery.

Andy and Ian grab a pint at the Neidpath Inn and chat more about some of it's more flamboyant characters. Andy meets many of the regular customers, staff and local musicians who frequent one of Peebles best pubs.

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 Andy MacVannan

- Author and Musician -

"History is alive within every single one of us because we all have a story to tell. I  strive to make these recollections come alive, just like they did when I first heard them."

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