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Scheduled for release in 2022

Due for Release in 2022

From an early age, Mickey Weir was told that he would be too small to be a professional footballer.

But by the age of 34, Mickey had lifted the Scottish League Cup and played professional football for Hibernian, Luton Town, Millwall and Motherwell.

A tough childhood, in the housing schemes of Pilton meant that Mickey had to battle hard for his achievements. Many of his childhood friends indulged themselves with alcohol and drugs and many were lost to addiction.

Weir was not immune to the influence of his peers, briefly tasting the harsh realities of petty crime and gang violence. But with the support of his father, Mickey found solace in football and a love of pigeons - defying all of the odds to become a professional sportsman.
Weir’s status as a Hibernian legend and his mantra of ‘never leave anything on the pitch’ came at a high price. Suffering from severe spinal injury, Mickey was left housebound and bed-ridden for over two years after retiring from the game.

His story of relentless spirit, belief and unwavering dedication to a sporting profession is recalled with refreshing humour and sincerity. It is a fascinating tale of self-sacrifice, journeying through the unglamorous world of professional football in the 1980s and 1990s.

Promising to be a truly inspiring and entertaining read, Mickey will recall triumph over adversity, promising to lift the reader over every hurdle that has been thrown in his way.


 Andy MacVannan

- Author and Musician -

"History is alive within every single one of us because we all have a story to tell. I  strive to make these recollections come alive, just like they did when I first heard them."

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