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Andy, Adj and Bri formed Gutterblood in 2019. They are a three-piece from Peebles and Leith in Scotland.

Fusing elements of blues, indie, doom, punk, politics and prog the album was recorded at 16OHM studios in Glasgow and mastered by John McBain of Monster Magnet and QOTSA fame.

The L.P features spoken, vocal and musical contributions from an array of special guests and will be released on C.D in early 2022.

"Everything is accompanied by great dynamics. They regularly switch from lo-fi to heavier styles without much ado, where the difference in volume can be felt in the bones." 

(Da Music, Belgium) 


“It’s mastered by John McBain. Should we start with that? Gutterblood hails from Scotland, where they apparently have managed to produce this most weirdest of stoner crust, doom punk poetry albums one might ever lay ears on… ” 

(Stoner Hive, Netherlands)

"They revive a certain vision of contaminated grunge, with a dirty and heavy approach. These guys are not afraid to take on many directions and blow their audience away!"

(Rock Garage, Italy)

"These are all great tracks with a little something for everyone. Classic metal riffs paired with properly dark and droney distortions, highlighting the specific issues of class division in the city of Edinburgh"

(Fatal Noise album of the Year)


I regret to inform you that I have decided to withdraw my involvement in the film ‘We are Hibernian’.

My decision is primarily based on the fact that I cannot work anymore with Paul Docherty (the film’s Director).

I’m not sure whether Paul will be continuing to make the film but I have advised that he changes the title in order that my previous book should not be associated with his own work

I have requested that Paul send me footage of all interviews incase any interviewees would like to view it.

I truly thank all contributors to the project as I realise that you gave up your valuable time to participate. It is not my ‘style’ to ask for contributions (without results) either, so I am bitterly disappointed that the project has come to an end.

We are Hibernian Film

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 Andy MacVannan

- Author and Musician -

"History is alive within every single one of us because we all have a story to tell. I  strive to make these recollections come alive, just like they did when I first heard them."

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