I'm out of gig promoting retirement for this one so if you like it nice and heavy then get yourself along! More info here


GRAND COLLAPSE cannot be pegged down to any one clichéd style. The heavy D-beat under flailed-out endless chords, into bellowing NYHC beatdown styles, will make you want to retrace those steps. Formed 2011 in south Wales. They fuse rapid hardcore withthrash metal, politics and punk. To date they’ve released a self-titled EP (2013) and three albums; Far From the Callous Crowd (2014) & Along the Dew (2017) and the ALL NEW 'Empty Plinths' album just out now in 2021!

Manchester birthed INCISIONS in 2015 and they’ve been honing the sound since. This is what being young, working class punk in the North of England sounds like. They’ve combined love, lust, liquor and rage, dragging 80s American hardcore through the streets of Manchester. They have played alongside some of the biggest names in Punk (Poison Idea, D.O.A, Adolescents, Drug Church, D.I to name a few) with some well received festival appearances along the way.

BRAIN ANGUISH are a Scottish anarcho punk duo featuring genre veterans Brian Curran (Disaffect/Quarantine/Ruin) on guitar & vocals and Angus Quinn (Sedition/Scatha/T.R.I.B.E) on bass & vocals. Still angry!


I regret to inform you that I have decided to withdraw my involvement in the film ‘We are Hibernian’.

My decision is primarily based on the fact that I cannot work anymore with Paul Docherty (the film’s Director).

I’m not sure whether Paul will be continuing to make the film but I have advised that he changes the title in order that my previous book should not be associated with his own work

I have requested that Paul send me footage of all interviews incase any interviewees would like to view it.

I truly thank all contributors to the project as I realise that you gave up your valuable time to participate. It is not my ‘style’ to ask for contributions (without results) either, so I am bitterly disappointed that the project has come to an end.

We are Hibernian Film

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"History is alive within every single one of us because we all have a story to tell. I  strive to make these recollections come alive, just like they did when I first heard them."

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